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3 Winter Watering Tips


Watering TipsDogs need to drink in the winter but getting the needed water into outside dogs can be tricky in below-freezing weather. Water needs vary widely depending on weather, what your dog eats, his size, coat length, weight, exercise level and more. The best person to assess your dogs exact needs is his veterinarian. But, regardless of the exact number of ounces needed a day, here are three winter watering tips to help you keep your friend hydrated during the cold weather if he must be outside:

Add Water
Adding warm water to your dog’s meal ups his water intake and is warming. Think “soupy” and you’ll be on the right track. “Warm” means barely warm to us; not remotely “hot”. Feed them the temp you would feed an infant.

Soup Up His Water
Adding yummy things to his water can increase drinking when the “soup” is put out upping his intake before freezing happens. Mixing in some wet dog food or low sodium chicken/beef broth can tempt a dog to drink.

Electric Warmth
Bowls that have electric heaters built in can be a great option for dogs beyond the puppy stage. If you use a heated water bowl, you’ll need a Farm Innovators CC-2 Cord Connect Water-Tight Cord Lock – Green. I used these at my farms and they work well making winter extension cord use safe and reliable.


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