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Best Winter Dog House Bedding


Proper winter dog house bedding makes the difference between a warm, comfortable dog in the winter months or a cold, stressed, miserable dog. I am so glad you are reading up on behalf of your dog.
Border Collie in a kennel against white background

Here are options:

  • Fabric
    No. Bad idea. It will get wet and when it gets wet it won’t be warm or it may freeze solid. Either way, not warm or cozy.
  • Shavings
    Many people use these and dogs can make a shallow nest but they can’t truly burrow in. ┬áCan be enough for a heavily-coated dog in a mild winter region. Some dogs can be allergic to cedar shavings. Not an ideal choice for really cold regions though some people lay some on the bottom of the dog house to catch moisture.
  • Pine Straw
    Much like shavings.
  • Straw
    The tried-and-true bedding for cold areas. Shake the straw out and fill the dog house full with it. This allows your dog to burrow into it making a cozy straw den for himself. Straw is available at most garden and/or farm supply stores. Change it every couple of weeks, more if it is really wet out. Keep it fluffed up and add more when it gets compressed.

Now, observe your dog. If he comes out of his house, stretches and stands head up, tail wagging then he is a happy dog. If he comes out of his house hunched over, head down, trembling then he is cold and he needs a warmer house
or deeper/better bedding.


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