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Dog House with Porch


Many dogs love lounging on a raised area surveying their domain and catching a summer breeze and a nice dog house with porch is a fine spot to do that from. A porch also keeps your dog out of the mud in wet weather, should he need to be outside.

Here are a few popular houses with porches and a couple of porches you can purchase separately to add later.

If you keep your dog outside in the summer, you need to provide constant supply of clean water, plenty of shade, relief from insects and protection from parasites of all kinds. Taking care of all your dogs needs will allow him to enjoy his porch to the fullest.

Here are a few of the Amazon options:

Dog House with Porch

Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House

Advantek The Ranch House Dog House

Comfort Light Weight Mansion Pet Dog House Perfect For Medium To Large Sized Dog

Merry products Outdoor Porch, Comfortable Barn Pet House With Roof And Windows

Porch with a View

Dog House With Stairs – Staircase – Balcony – Porch – Wood – Wooden

Porches Sold Separately

Ware Manufacturing Fir Wood Premium Plus A-Frame Doghouse Patio, Large

Ware Manufacturing Fir Wood Premium Plus Doghouse Patio, Large

Plastic dog house porch
PetEdge Molded Plastic Dog Kennel Deck, 8-1/2-Pound

This is a great option to try for dogs who chew on wood.

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