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5 Features of a Great Insulated Dog House


Insulated dog house

This is a well-designed, well-made insulated dog house with all the features listed here.

Housing a dog* outside in the winter requires the best weather-proof, insulated dog house be used, with the right winter bedding. What makes a dog house a good winter option? Look for the following features:

Raised Door
When the door is raised up that allows the dog to curl up below drafts, allows the heat to build up in the bedding without it being sucked out the doorway and it helps hold the bedding in the house. Look for a raised dog in any insulated dog house you buy.

Small Door
The smaller the door, the less heat escapes so your dog should have to lower his head to enter and exit. The tighter the squeeze the snugger the house.

Raised Floor
A raised floor—ideally both insulated and with a drain— keeps the heat the dog gives off from being lost to the cold of an uninsulated floor or the wet of a floor with no drain.

Tight Space
Since every square inch counts when it comes to heating their home, a insulated dog house should be smaller rather than larger. A lowish or rounded roof can be an asset as well. Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around and curl up comfortably but, ideally, not sprawl out.

Well-Fitted, Solid Door
If you wouldn’t use a sheet of plastic as a winter door, don’t ask your dog to do so. You want a well-fitted door that does not let rain or snow in, closes completely and, in a perfect world is insulated, too.

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insulated dog house
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 * Some dogs are not made for outside living. Small dogs, thin dogs, dogs with thin fur, puppies, old dogs, sick dogs all must be inside year around. Please talk to your dog’s veterinarian about whether your dog can be safely and properly cared for outside. Dogs get cold and can get frost-bite just like we can.

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