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If you are looking at insulated dog houses, you want your outdoor dog to be safe and comfortable this winter and I do, too, There are a wide-variety of insulated dog houses available. The ones I share here appear to be well-built and truly insulated. When looking, find a snug fit so your dog has less space top keep warm. Also, a smaller door, that your dog must duck to go through, will keep his home warmer. For more info: 5 Features of a Great Insulated Dog House

Which dogs need an insulated dog house? A good general rule is the more time a dog spends inside, the more snug and insulated an outdoor house needs to be. The less hair a dog has and the thinner he is, the more insulated the dog house needs to be. The reverse is also true, the more time a dog spends outside, the more adapted he is to the outside and the more fur and the heavier a dog is, the more he is self-insulated.

Insulated dog houses with good bedding and tight doors that face away from the prevailing winds make life a lot more comfortable for your dog in the cold winter months. Here are some of the best:

Insulated Dog House
ASL Solutions DP Hunter Insulated Dog House
ASL dog houses are built to keep a dog as warm, cozy and dry as possible in all weather. Next size up: ASL Solutions Foam (Styro/EPS) Insulated Dog PALACE

Impact Case Insulated Dog House
Impact Case Insulated Dog Condo (house)
This is one serious dog house. Two layers of aluminum with 1″ of foam between, this American made house is top-of-the-line in all ways.
Insulated Dog House w Door

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House w Door

Company description:

  • Each Climate Master PlusTM house features our patent-pending PanelAbodeTM Laminated Engineered Panel System with simulated rough-sawn cedar finish.
  • This technology makes our houses more durable and dimensionally-stable than traditional western red cedar dog houses, with superior scratch, dent, warp, moisture, and insect resistance. Our premium houses also require less maintenance and come completely finished ready for assembly in less than 10 minutes!
  • Climate Master PlusTM Series dog houses also feature the industry’s most advanced all-weather dog house door, featuring heavy-duty color-matched powder-coated aluminum frame, weather seals, shatter resistant clear acrylic door panels, and lock.
  • The dog door is manufactured in the USA and backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 5 year warranty!
  • This feature distinguishes the Climate MasterTM Series from the Climate MasterTM Plus Series dog houses. Of course, you can also expect all the premium features you’d find in any quality dog house including raised feet, and vented ridge cap.
  • All of our dog houses also feature our patent-pending Slide-LockTM removable roof system so you can quickly remove the roof (no tools necessary!) for cleaning, puppy observation, etc.

EXTRA LARGE: Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House w Door – Extra Large
LARGE: Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House w Door – Large
Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House w Door – Small

There are plenty of other insulated dog houses on Amazon nut most fall well short in one way or another. Some otherwise fine plastic ones have flimsy doors that dump rain into the house itself. That’s not good. Others have optional fabric liners which can get sodden. That’s not good.

When new products some of the market that will do the job well, I’ll add them to the list.




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