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Outdoor Dog Kennel from Amazon?


Getting an outdoor dog kennel delivered to your door is a huge convenience. Many of us do not have the vehicle or the strength to haul kennel panels back from a local store and having them delivered is no savings. In fact, many Amazon dog kennels include free shipping.

So, why not buy online and have these bulky items delivered to your doorstep? That’s what I would do.

Now, quite a few options online I will not show you. After many years running kennels large and small, let me alert you to dangers in some outdoor dog kennel panels you’ll see:

  • Door gaps on sides or gaps between panels. Dogs jump against doors and gaps lend themselves to caught paws.
  • Rounded doors with gaps on sides. Those rounded corners can become a conduit to slide the paw down between the panel and the door. This can hang up some dogs.
  • Gaps at the bottom of the door. This invites escape attempts.
  • Hinges that are simply drop onto a peg. If your dog pushes the door up that door can come unhinged.

Look for well-made panels that fit together well with a door that fits into the doorway well with secure hinges and a dog-proof lock. The gappy ones may be less expensive initially but a single injury needing veterinary care will eat up any savings.

outdoor dog kennel
If I were buying, I’d be looking at Kennel Pro. They have a wide range of welded panels (option: with a canopy top), corrugated metal tops (sold separately) and raised flooring. They also have a digging prevention set up which is unique and an excellent idea if you have a dog who digs toward freedom. You can also purchase what they call “anti-fight” panels which are solid barriers that attach to the panels so two dogs can’t see each other or pet owners could use those to block harsh sun or a view that starts their dog barking. For more complete blocing of sun, rain or wind, check out their Yard Kennel Panel Cover.

For smaller dogs, look at BestPetĀ® Black 40″ Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence B (All Sizes from 24″ to 40″ tall). These can be configured in a variety of ways and you can combine two or more playpens if you want a larger area. For toy breeds outside, I use bird netting (at the very least) above the pen to prevent hawks and owls from taking your companion.

Outdoor dog kennelSo can you buy an outdoor dog kennel on Amazon and have it delivered right to your dog, no fuss, no muss? Yes, yes you can.

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