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Plastic Dog Houses


Plastic Dog HousesPlastic dog houses are many pluses: easy to clean, less attractive to chew for many dogs, less attractive to bugs and, in many cases, darn easy to assemble. The main downside is potential skin ick from lying on damp plastic so good bedding is key if you’re in a damp area/season.

The large doors these sport without truly secure closure means you need to spray your dog so bugs don’t harass him and that such a house cannot be cozy in the winter. Houses with good ventilation and an insulated roof will be cooler in the summer.

Pet Zone Dog House
Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House
This is an easy-to-assemble, insulated plastic dog house with adjustable vents making it a good option for summer housing. Here’s a Smaller Size.

Outside dog house
Outside Dog House – Plastic Dog House MGH-1 Green
Outside Dog House – Plastic Dog House LGH-1 Rose Red
If you want a charming dog house in your yard, this will fit the bill. If you want serious housing for your dog, this would not be my choice. The company mentions that you can put sand in the flooring so weight it down so that makes me thinks it is prone to tipping. No ventilation is mentioned anywhere and… I am not fan of small dogs left outside in most situations. They are too vulnerable to coyote, hawks and owls.

Petmate barn
PETMATE 290708 Barn Home III for Medium Pets
Petmate offers this light-weight, easy-to-assemble dog shelter. Write ups mention rear ventilation. I like the slight overhang in front. All sizes of the PetMate Barn


PetEdge Dog Deck
PetEdge Molded Plastic Dog Kennel Deck, 8-1/2-Pound
I include this here as a porch option, if you should want one. If your dog is like Pip, they likes to bake in the sun. The deck allows your dog to do that easily.


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