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4 Signs Your Dog Is Cold!


Signs Your Dog is ColdKnowing when your dog is cold is key to keeping them comfy and healthy in the winter months. Here are four signs your dog is cold:

  • Hunched and Bunched
    Like us, when dogs are trying to conserve body heat they scrunch up their bodies. They pull their head down, their tail under and they arch their backs. “Miserable” is the caption. Get them inside where it is warm immediately!
  • Shaking
    Like us, dogs tremble and shiver in an effort to get warmer. Some small dogs tremble when nervous as well, so know your dog. But if your dog doesn’t normally shake and he is shaking and it’s cold? Assume he IS cold. When in doubt, assume he is cold.
  • Lifting One Paw Then Another
    Cold dogs stand on three feet then shift to lift another paw off the ground. This can also be a sign that salt is stinging their feet. Either way, they are uncomfortable.
  • Doesn’t Stretch
    Because they are trying to conserve body heat, they don’t stretch when they get up sleeping or come out of a dog house.

It is 100% up to us to keep our dogs safe and comfortable year round. If your dog must stay outside in cold weather than get them an insulated dog house that is up to the task! Do not rely on dog coats or sweaters for outside dogs as they can slip off or get wet. Both are fine for outside walks and indoor comfort.

Thank you for reading and caring about the signs your dog is cold.  If you have questions, ask below.


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