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Summer Dog Water Bowl Options


Outdoor Dog Water BowlDogs need water everyday. In the summer, dogs need access to clean water anytime they are outside. An indoor dog water bowl isn’t going to cut it. They are usually too small or too easily tipped over or too breakable to hold this precious resource.

Here are a few dog watering options. Please keep these in a shaded part of your yard. An empty silver bowl started a fire a few years back. A random event but still, shade is best.

non tip dog water bowl
Durapet Non-Tip Bowl, Extra Large
This is Pip’s current outside dog water bowl. It is much larger than her indoor one as I do not ever want her to run out. She loves to bake in the sun and I let her when I am home. This sort of non-tip bowl works well for many dogs. I dump it nightly on the last walk of the day, refilling it in the morning. This prevents mosquitoes from breeding in it and from wildlife being attracted by it in dry spells.

Stain steel dog bucket
Advance Pet Products Heavy Stainless Steel Flat Side Bucket, 4-Quart
When I ran large kennels, I used a lot of stainless, flat-backed buckets with inward turned handles with great success. They hold a great deal of water, are easy to clean, long wearing and, when clipped to a fence with a carabiner do not tip over.



ant free water bowl
Ant Free Pet Bowls 2 Pack for $ 31.90
If red ants or fire ants are a risk, try an ant-proof bowl.


Lixit dog waterer
Lixit Original Dog Faucet Waterer
Silver Lixit Outside Faucet Dog Waterer

These Lixit products screw on to a outdoor faucet giving your dog a steady supply to clean water, once they know how to use it. Nothing to dump or clean or worry about. Sweet!

I’d never use a faucet that gets southern direct sun as it might get too hot for the dog to lick. This product has been around for a looong time because it works well and dogs use it happily.

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